CSE Associates, LLC 


Our system expertise draws from extensive knowledge of network analyzers, synthesizers, scalar and vector receivers and signal analyzers and their application to a wide range of systems to provide component and converter test, antenna and Radar Cross Section test, satellite payload test, and others.  Our founder John Boyles contributed to the development of high performance synthesizers and network analyzers, and he led the R&D team which developed the 8530A Microwave Receiver, 85130A Antenna and RCS measurement systems, and 85120A T/R Module test systems.  He also helped develop the 85121A and N1891A Satellite Payload Test Systems, including a recent effort to extend the N1891A to Ka-band operation for TVAC payload test.

We have a very wide range of test and measurement system experience from DC to 110 GHz.

  • Satellite Payload Test
  • Antenna Test Systems (nearfield, farfield, compact range)
  • RCS Systems
  • RFIC Test Systems
  • Military test systems
  • Oscillator test
  • Frequency converter test